If you or someone in your family is experiencing hearing problems, I would strongly recommend consulting with Julie Goebel of Goebel Hearing Center. Julie is very friendly and very professional. She not only was able to provide me with hearing aids that are hardly noticeable to others, but also ones that offered accessories that fit my life style. Bluetooth capabilities of a remote that I wear around my neck and under my shirt allow me to listen to music or recorded books when I walk without headphones and to change settings that help in special circumstances, like listening to live music or conversing with others in a noisy environment. I can also talk on my phone without having to hold it to my ear, which is especially helpful when driving. A charging station for this remote also allows me to listen to TV or a stereo with the regular audio turned off so it doesn’t bother others. Again, I think that you will discover that Julie will work with you to find the best overall solution to your needs.

-Richard Whinery

I would like to take this opportunity to say how totally pleased I am with Goebel Hearing Center. At 71 I was a very reluctant candidate for hearing aids even though my wife pleaded with me to at least have a hearing test. My wife reminded me that when our 8 month old granddaughter begins talking I won’t be able to hear her. That’s all I had to hear so I made a decision to at least have a hearing test.
I went to a name brand hearing center and was turned off by their lack of professionalism. I was disappointed and made my mind up “no hearing aids!” A friend told me about his new hearing aids that he just purchased from Goebel Hearing Center. All he would say is, “I can hear!” I promptly made an appointment and that turned out to be the best decision that I have made health wise in a long time. Julie Goebel is an experienced and trained audiologist who cares about her patient’s well being. I had the hearing tests and signed up for hearing aids. At 73 “I can hear” as well as I did when I was 25. I have recommended Goebel Hearing Center to all my friends who have hearing difficulties. Goebel Hearing Center makes you feel special every time you have an appointment. Thank you Goebel Hearing Center.
-Ed “I can hear” Behanna

Julie Goebel has been my Audiologist since before I graduated high school. She has helped me through the years to better my hearing as well as my self esteem. Julie has introduce to me new improved technology that is available to anyone with a hearing disability. She is compassionate, professional, and knowledgeable of all types of hearing loss. She goes out of her way to find the right fit as well as affordable hearing aids for you. I would recommend Goebel Hearing Center to anyone wanting to improve their hearing needs. Without Julie’s help I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you Julie and staff for all that you have done for me.

-Carrie Hamler, O.D.O.T. Highway technician


Julie is great! She understands what it’s like when you can’t hear. I went from being embarrassed about needing hearing aids to being thankful for being able to hear normally again. Before I started using hearing aids, I wondered why people didn’t speak up more, why everything was so muffled. Now I can hear my patients and children speak. It’s wonderful and well worth the cost and time involved.


Julie and her assistant Beth have become like family members—they really care and take great satisfaction that hearing again has improved my life. I strongly recommend the Goebel Hearing Center; do yourself and your loved ones a big favor and visit their office.”
– Mark Pitstick, MA, DC